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eBay Does NOT Accept My Visa Credit Card - The eBay Community

So long as your debit card has the Visa or MasterCard logo, and the vendor accepts either, it will process just fine form your debit card online. If you mean to ask why they can't run it as a debit card and ask for the PIN, that's because there i etsy wont accept my card? | Yahoo Answers Sep 04, 2012

Jun 25, 2012

eBay Does NOT Accept My Visa Credit Card - The eBay Community May 19, 2013 9 reasons your debit card was declined - plus fixes You’ve entered the wrong PIN. The personal identification number (PIN) you chose must be entered … Year 2019 and still "We can't process your payment It can't be my credit card because it happens to both cards I tried with after working for a while and stops working with no change in card number/dates/etc, and one card works randomly, sometimes. I don't have a paypal account but all the sellers I tried to buy from accept Visa and Amex as payment methods. How to Use a Debit Card for PayPal - The Balance