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Oct 19, 2017 openssl: relocation error: openssl: symbol EVP_mdc2 Hello, I am using an Ubuntu Server 18.04.4 LTS as an Apache reverse proxy. It had the OpenSSL version 1.1.1 installed and I wanted to update to the current 1.1.1d as well. For this I followed the following instructions: https://askubuntu How To Use OpenSSL s_client To Check and Verify SSL/TLS Of $ openssl s_client -connect -no_ssl2 Connect HTTPS Only TLS1 or TLS2. Like previous example we can specify the encryption version. In this example we will only enable TLS1 or TLS2 with the -tls1_2 . $ openssl s_client -connect -tls1_2 Specify Cipher. We can specify the cipher with the -cipher option like below. OpenSSL Version Detection | Tenable®

Nessus was able to detect the OpenSSL version. Description Nessus was able to extract the OpenSSL version from the web server's banner. Note that security patches in many cases are backported and the displayed version number does not show the patch level. Using it to identify vulnerable software is likely to lead to false detections. See Also

openssl version -- print OpenSSL version information This command is used to print out version information about OpenSSL. Options-a . displays all information, this is the same as setting all the other flags. -v . displays the current OpenSSL version. -b . displays the date the current version of OpenSSL was built. -o . displays option information: various options set when the library was built. -c The Most Common OpenSSL Commands - SSL Shopper

openssl version -- print OpenSSL version information

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